We’ve Something For Everyone


God’s precious little children–laughing, learning, loving, and being loved–that’s what you’ll find at Drymam’s Chapel! 


Here at Dryman’s Chapel we place a premium on quality child care for two reasons: 

1) We want all of our parents to freely and wholly participate in worship services

2) We want the children to begin learning at the earliest ages about worshipping, serving, belonging, and growing in the context of the church.

NURSERY-AVAILABLE AT 11AM For children under the age of 2.

PRESCHOOL-AVAILABLE AT 11AM For children age 2 through 5 year olds.

In NURSERY and PRESCHOOL you will discover dedicated and loving teachers using Bible-based, age-appropriate lessons to teach children about God, His love, Jesus, and the Bible. Songs, prayers, games, arts and crafts, and snack time (of course) complete a typical time in NURSERY and PRESCHOOL time.